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Picnic blankets

Сгъваема постелка от найлон 210D с PE пяна. Размери: 32 х 26 х 0,8 смПродуктът е подходящ за:..
Ex Tax:2.90лв.
Sending someone a needed hug is easy with the Huggy plaid blanket of 150 x 120 cm. The single colour plaid blanket is made of 100% polar fleece 200 g/m², a soft and comfortable material that quickly provides the necessary warmth and retains body heat. Roll up the blanket and tuck it into the handy p..
Ex Tax:10.72лв.
Polyester foldable blanket packed in pouch. Unfolded size 140 x 100 cm...
Ex Tax:12.03лв.
Одеяло за път от RPET в калъфче от RPET полиестер, 180 gr/m². Размери: 120X150 смПродуктът е подходящ за:    ..
Ex Tax:15.16лв.
This printed blanket with water resistant lining includes two carrying handles on the backside and is perfect for picnic, outings, festivals or other outdoor activities. Size 145 x 127 cm. Polar fleece 180 g/m². ...
Ex Tax:16.27лв.
Сгъваемо одеяло за пикник с PEVA покритие от едната страна. Размери: 150X120 смПродуктът е подходящ за:    ..
Ex Tax:20.24лв.
Foldable RPET polyester picnic blanket (160 g/m2) with PEVA padding. With recycled leather front and handle...
Ex Tax:21.01лв.
Сгъваемо одеяло от RPET материал 150 gr/m² с водоустойчиво покритие от PEVA. С преден джоб с цип и къси дръжки. Размери: 120X150 смПродуктът е подходящ за:    ..
Ex Tax:21.22лв.
Foldable, two-tone RPET picnic blanket with handle. RPET polyester, 160 g/m²...
Ex Tax:22.34лв.
Сгъваемо одеяло за пикник с водоустойчива задна част покрита с EPE. Размери: 120X150 смПродуктът е подходящ за:    ..
Ex Tax:23.47лв.
RPET foldable polar fleece blanket. 150gms. PEVA backing. Zippered front pocket. Short handle...
Ex Tax:24.15лв.
Picnic blanket with water resistant backing with easy carry handle. Blanket size is 145 x 130 cm...
Ex Tax:25.26лв.
Одеяло от 100% акрил с PVC колан, който държи одеялото сгънато. Размери: 130 х 190 смПродуктът е подходящ за:..
Ex Tax:27.67лв.
Сгъваемо одеяло за пикник с пластмасова подплата от PEVA. Сгъва се като практична пазарска чанта с регулируема дръжка за рамо. С голям джоб отпред. Размери: 180X150 смПродуктът е подходящ за:  ..
Ex Tax:27.74лв.
Foldable polar fleece picnic blanket with 210D polyester back side, carry strap and adjustable shoulder strap. 100% polyester, 190 g/m²...
Ex Tax:29.07лв.
160GSM fleece plus EPE and PE to provide a comfortable and practical picnic blanket. Unfolded size: 130x145cm..
Ex Tax:30.09лв.
Striped 140 g/m2 water-resistance blanket, perfect for a picnic in the park with family or friends. The blanket can be rolled up for easy storage, and with the included handle it's easy to carry...
Ex Tax:30.35лв.
Fleece picnic blanket with waterproof PEVA underside and sponge filling. When folded up the blanket has an easy carry handle...
Ex Tax:38.15лв.
Traditional styled blanket, size 130x145cm, top woven acrylic 120gsm coloured square pattern, back of blanket is waterproof PVC 110gsm...
Ex Tax:40.42лв.
Zipped sleeping bag with matching colour drawstring carry case...
Ex Tax:43.42лв.
Надуваем дюшек за спане от 40D водоустойчив материал с вградена възглавница.  С калъфче. Размери: 190 х 56 см. Продуктът е подходящ за:  ..
Ex Tax:48.08лв.
Picnic blanket in soft fleece with cotton canvas and details in PU. Clever construction makes it easy to fold up and take with you. The fleece is crafted GRS certified recycled PET. The back is made in PEVA, which repels water. Certified by GRS (Global Recycled Standard), GRS certification guarantee..
Ex Tax:54.34лв.
This Impact Aware™ picnic blanket features comfortable fleece with foam padding and PEVA backing. The PU pocket is perfect for storing small essentials. The blanket measures 150 x 130cm unfolded. Incorporating the AWARE™ tracer that validates the genuine use of recycled materials. 2% of proceeds of ..
Ex Tax:56.26лв.
Picnic blanket in soft fleece with cotton canvas and faux leather details. The fleece is made of 100% GRS certified RPET. GRS certification ensures a completely certified supply chain of the recycled materials. The back is made in PEVA, which repels water. Clever construction makes it easy to fold u..
Ex Tax:60.50лв.
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