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Elastics and skipping ropes

Elastic exercise band for fitness training with central piece for logo printing...
Ex Tax:0.38лв.
Elastic exercise band for fitness training, TPE rubber...
Ex Tax:1.29лв.
Elastic fitness training strap with black foam handles (10 cm)...
Ex Tax:1.50лв.
Skipping rope with plastic handles...
Ex Tax:1.70лв.
Nylon skipping rope with PP handles...
Ex Tax:1.94лв.
Skipping rope with wooden handles...
Ex Tax:2.54лв.
Въже за скачане, дължина на въжето до 255 mm, регулируема дължина. Материал: пластмаса. Размер на артикула: Ø22х135 mm. Печатаемо поле: 50х10 mm.Продуктът е подходящ за:..
Ex Tax:2.66лв.
3 m long, length adjustable speed skipping rope with PVC coated steel cord. In RPET polyester carry pouch...
Ex Tax:4.75лв.
Elastic exercise band set with 3 bands of different resistance (light, medium, heavy) in TPE rubber. With drawstring carry bag...
Ex Tax:5.31лв.
Cotton skipping rope with wooden handles. In drawstring cotton pouch...
Ex Tax:5.99лв.
This figure 8 shape exercise band is a great fitness tool. Strengthen your muscles with this compact and convenient exercise band! Easy to carry and toss into any bag, you can take it anywhere to stay in shape. Including a manual with exercises so you can start exercising! Comes in a convenient pouc..
Ex Tax:6.06лв.
Въже за скачане с регулируема скорост в калъфче от 210D RPET. Размери: 14,5 х 300 смПродуктът е подходящ за:  ..
Ex Tax:6.62лв.
Latex and polyester exercise band in drawstring carry pouch...
Ex Tax:6.66лв.
Комплект от 3 броя ластици за фитнес от TPE материал в калъфче от RPET полиестер. Ластиците са с различна нива на стегнатост за по-оптимална тренировка. Размери: 18,5X12,5 смПродуктът е подходящ за:  ..
Ex Tax:7.17лв.
Medium resistance exercise band in TPE rubber, with padded handles and foot brackets in EVA and ABS plastic. In RPET polyester pouch...
Ex Tax:7.82лв.
This adjustable jump rope is perfect for integrating high-intensity cardio training into any workout.Increases the heart rate, burns calories and enhances coordination. The length can be easily adjusted to accommodate different users. Made of super-lightweight plastic (PP) for optimal speed and co..
Ex Tax:8.08лв.
Комплект от 4 TPE ластици за фитнес в полиестерно калъфче. Ластиците са с различна натовареност за оптимална тренировка. Размери: 20,5X10,5 смПродуктът е подходящ за:  ..
Ex Tax:8.08лв.
Въже за скачане с дървени дръжки в памучно калъфче. Размери: 280 х 12 х 2,5 см Продуктът е подходящ за:      ..
Ex Tax:8.18лв.
Fitness equipment set in polyester carry pouch with drawstring closure. Including a 25x5 cm TPE rubber exercise band with medium resistance and a 260 cm long skipping rope with EVA padded handles...
Ex Tax:8.40лв.
Cotton and polyester skipping rope with wooden handles. Length: 2.5 meters. Packaged in cotton pouch...
Ex Tax:8.44лв.
Set of three elastic sports bands, each with different resistence. Set packaged in plastic box...
Ex Tax:9.16лв.
Start exercising and stay fit and healthy with these high quality resistance bands. The set consists of 4 coloured bands. The colours indicate the resistance from light to dark (heavy resistance). Made from strong TPE and comes with a black pouch. Including a manual with some great exercises so you ..
Ex Tax:10.01лв.
Whether you are at home or on the go, the choice of staying fit and strong will never be an excuse! This heavy resistance tube allows you to work on your all major muscle groups in the upper and lower body. The tube is packed in a pouch for easy carrying. Including a manual with exercises so you can..
Ex Tax:12.03лв.
Exercise ring in fibreglass with EVA coating and ergonomic ABS plastic handles. In non-woven RPET drawstring pouch...
Ex Tax:12.08лв.
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