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Non-woven place mat ideal for sublimation printing...
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Постелка за йога от 0,4 EVA материал. С включено мрежесто калъфче от полиестер.  Размери: 180X60X0.4 смПродуктът е подходящ за:  ..
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EVA foam yoga mat with handle strap and carry bag...
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Comfortable yoga and fitness mat with diamond pattern and non-slip surface. Includes polyester carrying pouch with drawstring closure and adjustable shoulder strap. Mat size: 60x170x0.5cm...
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Комплект с постелка за йога (4 мм) и въже за упражнения с включена чанта 340 gr/m² с дълга дръжка. Меката постелка за йога е подходяща за всякакъв вид упражнения. Въжето може да се използва за разтягане или тренировка. Размери: диаметър 24 х 112 х 37 см  Продуктът е подходящ за: ..
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Постелка за йога от корк и TPE материал с хартиена лента с включени различни видове пози. Плътност 0,4 см. С включено памучно въже, което може да се използва за упражнения. Размери: 183 х 61 х 0,4 смПродуктът е подходящ за:    ..
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EVA exercise mat for yoga. Up to 4mm thick. Includes polyester bag with netting to prevent odours and an adjustable carrying strap . Closed: Ø115 x 635 mm | Open: 1830 x 610 x 4 mmSize: 11.5 x 63.5 cmProduct is suitable for:..
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Natural cork yoga mat with kraft paper sleeve and carry strap...
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Yoga mat made from recycled TPE plastic. TPE has natural non-slip properties, providing a stable surface that helps to prevent slipping during yoga poses. Using recycled TPE in the production of yoga mats helps to reduce waste and promotes environmental sustainability by minimizing the use of virgin..
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Yoga mat made from cork offering stability and prevents slipping, making it easier to maintain yoga poses with confidence. Cork is a natural material derived from the bark of cork oak trees. It is often used in various products due to its unique properties, such as being lightweight, durable, more s..
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Two-tone yoga mat with a textured surface and excellent grip. A 6mm cushioned thickness for comfort in kneeling, sitting, and other poses. Light enough to roll up and carry around in the mesh pouch with shoulder strap. Available in a matching range of colours to match or contrast with the yoga block..
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Exercise mat for yoga made of cork and TPE. Up to 3.7 mm thick. It includes a carrying handle and a paper bag illustrating exercises. As the product is made from natural materials, the colour and size of the product and the printing result may vary between products. Closed: Ø100 x 610 mm | Open: 183..
Ex Tax:82.99лв.
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