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Одеяло с дръжка от найлон, 180 gr/m² . Размери: 150X120 смПродуктът е подходящ за:    ..
Ex Tax:10.40лв.
Plush toy bear with fleece (180 gsm) blanket (unfolded: approx. 120 x 80 cm). Hands held together with Velcro...
Ex Tax:10.82лв.
Одеяло от 130 gr/m² RPET полярно руно.Размери: 120X150 смПродуктът е подходящ за:  ..
Ex Tax:10.95лв.
Polar fleece blanket with velcro carry strap. 100% polyester, 200 g/m²...
Ex Tax:11.98лв.
Polar fleece blanket with drawstring carry case, 180 g/m²...
Ex Tax:12.43лв.
Anti-pilling polar fleece blanket, 180 g/m²...
Ex Tax:12.52лв.
Polar fleece (170-180 gr/m²) blanket with a nylon carry strap. Unfolded size 160 x 125 cm...
Ex Tax:13.41лв.
100% Polyester Polar fleece (180 gr/m2) blanket, with a Christmas pattern. Bound with polyester strap...
Ex Tax:14.86лв.
Детско одеяло с плюшено мече, което се захваща около одеялото със залепващи ленти на ръцете.  Размери: 120X80 смПродуктът е подходящ за:  ..
Ex Tax:16.36лв.
RPET polar fleece blanket with carry case, RPET polyester (200 g/m²)...
Ex Tax:16.43лв.
100% Polyester fleece (180 gr/m²) blanket (unfolded: approx. 102 x 77 cm). Including Christmas-themed soft toy with tag for printing purposes. Feet held together with Velcro...
Ex Tax:16.49лв.
Wrap yourself in eco-conscious blanket. Made from rPET, this lightweight 180 gsm blanket measures 160 x 120 cm. It comes with a recycled PU customisable patch and a recycled cotton bag. Embrace sustainable snuggles with our thoughtfully crafted blanket.Size: 120 х 160 cmProduct is suitable for: ..
Ex Tax:16.50лв.
GRS certified RPET polar fleece blanket suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Comes with a 190T RPET carry pouch with drawstring closure. Packed in a recycled polybag. Pouch size: length 34 cm, diameter 13 cm...
Ex Tax:17.02лв.
Одеяло с шарка на квадрати от RPET с RPET калъфче от полиестер, 180 gr/m². Размери: 120X150 смПродуктът е подходящ за:    ..
Ex Tax:17.31лв.
Flannel fleece blanket, 280 gr/m². Wrapped in white ribbon and printable paper card...
Ex Tax:17.66лв.
Cuddle up to this cozy soft blanket. Easy to bring anywhere with you thanks to the handy drawstring pouch that is included. The blanket is made of 160gsm fleece material. When unfolded the blanket measures L150xW120cm...
Ex Tax:18.09лв.
Fleece blanket (180 g/m²). Available in a wide range of colours. 1450 x 950 mmSize: 145 х 95 cmProduct is suitable for:  ..
Ex Tax:18.22лв.
Polar fleece, anti-pilling blanket for kids with velcro teddy, 200 g/m²...
Ex Tax:18.43лв.
Natural-coloured RPET polar fleece blanket with 100% cotton carry case. RPET polyester (200 g/m²) with distinctive RPET label...
Ex Tax:20.03лв.
This ultra soft blanket is a welcome addition to any home. The blanket is made of180gsm double fleece material and features a decorative plaid print; the dimensions unfolded are 127x152cm...
Ex Tax:20.08лв.
RPET polar fleece blanket with chequered pattern, in carry case. RPET polyester, 200 g/m²...
Ex Tax:20.24лв.
Поларено одеяло 280 gr/m² с лента и картичка подходяща за брандиране. Размери: 120X150 смПродуктът е подходящ за:  ..
Ex Tax:20.37лв.
Foldable RPET polar fleece picnic blanket with water resistant coated back side and handle. RPET polyester, 160 g/m²...
Ex Tax:20.60лв.
Fleece blanket (180 g/m²) with removable handle for easy carrying. Available in a wide range of colours. 1500 x 1200 mmSize: 150 x 120 cmProduct is suitable for:  ..
Ex Tax:21.09лв.
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