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BBQ accessories

Stainless steel BBQ clip with bamboo handles and locking mechanism...
Ex Tax:6.13лв.
BBQ thermometer with measure ranges in both ℃ and ℉. Mechanical induction can be directly and accurately measured in the oil pan, when frying, or for barbecue temperature control. The durable, stainless-steel casing provides strength and corrosion resistance. Easy to use and easy to clean...
Ex Tax:6.65лв.
Щипки за барбекю от неръждаема стомана с бамбукови дръжки. Със заключващ механизъм. Размери: 33X4X3,5 смПродуктът е подходящ за:..
Ex Tax:6.85лв.
3 pc stainless steel BBQ set (fork, shovel and clip) with zipped, nylon carry bag...
Ex Tax:15.40лв.
5 in 1 folding BBQ multi tool in stainless steel with wooden handle. With spatula, fork, brush, bottle opener and corkscrew. Separates into 2 separate tools through a sliding system...
Ex Tax:16.55лв.
Комплект от 3 броя прибора за барбекю от неръждаема стомана. В калъфче от нетъкан текстил с цип. Размери: 40X11 смПродуктът е подходящ за:  ..
Ex Tax:17.86лв.
5 pc BBQ set with 3 stainless steel accessories (fork, shovel and clip) with wooden handle, one glove and a polyester apron...
Ex Tax:20.19лв.
Комплект за барбекю с футболен мотив: с престилка, 3 различни прибора и ръкавица. Престилката от полиестер 600D.Размери: 74X50X2 смПродуктът е подходящ за:..
Ex Tax:21.25лв.
3 pc stainless steel, bamboo handle BBQ set (fork, clip and shovel) in kraft paper box...
Ex Tax:21.71лв.
Stainless steel, three-piece barbecue tool set in nonwoven carry pouch. Including: a spatula, tongs and fork...
Ex Tax:21.94лв.
Престилка с включени 3 броя различни барбекю прибори и една ръкавица. Престилка от полиестер 600D. Размери: 74 х 50 х 2 см Продуктът е подходящ за:  ..
Ex Tax:22.56лв.
Two-piece barbecue set. Includes stainless steel steak fork and knife with bamboo handles. Supplied in a kraft paper box. As the product is made from natural materials, the colour and size of the product and the printing result may vary between products. Box: 340 x 115 x 25 mmProduct is suitable for..
Ex Tax:24.61лв.
BBQ set in 600D polyester bag , which can be turned into apron. With 7 accessories made of stainless steel...
Ex Tax:25.27лв.
3-piece BBQ set with shovel (34.8 x 7.5 cm), fork (35.4 x 3.35 cm), and a tong (35 x 6.8 x 4 cm). All accessories are delivered in a lightweight case to make it easy to carry and store away. The perfect BBQ accessory for the garden or to bring along for some outdoor grilling with friends and family...
Ex Tax:26.57лв.
Преносима кофа барбекю от метал с решетка от неръждаема стомана и дървена дръжка. Размери: Ø20X17.5 смПродуктът е подходящ за:..
Ex Tax:31.33лв.
Nylon apron (600D) with stainless steel, five-piece barbecue set, including: carving fork, spatula, tongs, and salt and pepper set...
Ex Tax:31.73лв.
Комплект за барбекю от 4 части с включена дъска в калъфче от полиестер. Включени са сатър за месо, нож, вилица и точило за нож. Бамбукът е естествен материал, поради което са възможни леки вариации в цвета между различните продукти. Размери: 36X3X24 смПродуктът е подходящ за:   &..
Ex Tax:32.11лв.
6 pc wood and stainless steel BBQ and meat carving set in zipped bag. Including 2 knives, sharpening bar, clip, fork and cutting board...
Ex Tax:34.23лв.
Stainless steel, four-piece barbecue set in a nylon zipper pouch with carrying straps. Including: a long brush, a tong, a meat fork, and a spatula...
Ex Tax:34.32лв.
Nylon (600D) apron with stainless steel three-piece barbecue set, including: a spatula, fork and tongs with wooden handles...
Ex Tax:34.40лв.
Комплект за барбекю в алуминиево куфарче с 3 прибора от неръждаема стомана. С пластина подходяща за брандиране. Размери: 37 х 10 х 8 см Продуктът е подходящ за:  ..
Ex Tax:34.62лв.
3 pc stainless steel BBQ set (fork, shovel and clip) in aluminium case...
Ex Tax:36.07лв.
5-piece BBQ set with a shovel (29 x 7 cm), fork (29 x 1.7 cm), knife (29 x 2.4 cm), cutting board (19 x 13 x 1.1 cm), and a glove (25 x 16 cm)...
Ex Tax:36.09лв.
Hamburger set with hamburger press and BBQ brush. Allows you to make and prepare perfect hamburgers...
Ex Tax:36.28лв.
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