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Garden tools

Pair of elastic nylon gloves with non-slip coating, in one size...
Ex Tax:2.06лв.
Plastic rain gauge with transparent body and resistant fixing spike. Scale: 1 line=1l/m². Capacity: 40l/m²...
Ex Tax:4.05лв.
Stainless steel garden scoop with wooden handle and PU ribbon. Bottle opener inside the scoop. Individually packaged in a brown paper box...
Ex Tax:7.48лв.
Комплект от 3 броя градинарски инструменти. Гребло и 2 лопатки. В калъфче от RPET филц с велкро затваряне.Размери: 9X22 смПродуктът е подходящ за:      ..
Ex Tax:8.51лв.
Garden tools set in cotton carrying pouch with adjustable waist band. Including hand fork and 2 trowels...
Ex Tax:11.32лв.
Garden tools set in nylon apron. Including pruning scissors, hand fork, trowel and a pair of gloves...
Ex Tax:21.71лв.
Metal foldable shovel with compass and rubber grip, practical and compact. Useful for removing ice or snow. Supplied in 600D pouch. Folded: 160 x 100 mm | Open: 420 x 100 mmProduct is suitable for:  ..
Ex Tax:27.48лв.
Комплект от 7 броя градински инструменти. Включени са: гребло, 2 лопати, ръкавици, лейка, тел и ножица. С чанта от памук. Размери: 23 х 15 смПродуктът е подходящ за:  ..
Ex Tax:33.18лв.
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